The ZEHUT Knesset List

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The ZEHUT Knesset List

Moshe Feiglin was elected to head the ZEHUT party by members of the ZEHUT party at ZEHUT’s first conference. On 21 Elul/Sept. 12, ’17, the first stage of the primaries was held. In this stage, the identity, but not the rank, of the ZEHUT representatives for its Knesset list was voted upon. On 23 Shvat/Jan. 29, ’19, approximately a month after new general elections were announced, ZEHUT held Israel’s first-ever open primaries. In this stage, voters throughout Israel, not necessarily ZEHUT members, ranked the candidates who had already been elected in the first stage. This list does not show the slots reserved for ZEHUT Chairman Moshe Feiglin’s candidates, who will be placed in pre-determined slots.

Moshe Feiglin

Party Chairman

Rabbi Haim Amsalem

Former Shas MK and Chairman of the Am Shalem movement.

Gilad Alper

Dr. Ronit Dror

Libby Molad

Shai Malka

Dr. Refael Minnes

Albert Levy

Ron Tsafrir

Rabbi Ben Tzion Spitz

Representative of Diaspora Jewry


Yiska Bina

Shmuel Sackett

Shlomo Gordon

Arcady Mutter

Rabbi Dudi Spitz

Asya Entov

Dr. Nitza Kahane

Idan Mor (Gadi Wilcherski)

Zvi Sand

Zvi Sand

David Sidman

Hagai Greentzeig

Tova Even Chen

Hagai Ben Ami

Nadav Halamish

Alexander Elman