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A Bit About Me…

My name is Tova Even Chen. I am religious and a woman but I can see from all perspectives, including secular and male ones.
For many years, I have worked at the delicate divide between religion and state. No one has a monopoly on Judaism. No one received a blank check from the Creator with which to dictate life for the rest of us. I believe that we need to separate the state from the administration of religious matters, so that the public can be free to come closer to Judaism with love and an open mind instead of force.
Today, priority should be put on a free market and an education system that returns responsibility to the parents!
I believe in equality for women – and for men. True equality. Not strengthening women by trampling men. In divorce proceedings as well all other areas.
The family courts in Israel need a restart. Currently, they bring loss and intractable battles. They need to return to family values, put the welfare of children first, value the rights of both parents and resolve conflicts through understanding and good will.
I don’t just talk – I bring experience and knowledge. For close to 20 years, I have worked in the important field of divorce proceedings and mediation. I was the first to initiate the mediation process as an integral part of services provided to families in partnership with the Ministry of Justice and the Rabbinical Courts. Mediation has worked and will continue to work. As a Member of Knesset with Zehut, I will work to enact sensible family law legislation. For true equality, without winners and losers.
As a community activist in Lod, where I used to live, I brought about a significant improvement in public transportation on busses and trains, and in rush-hour traffic. My solutions got to the root problem of over-construction that was hurting the quality of life of city residents. I come to Zehut with years of success and experience, not just ideas and suggestions. I bring votes.

Why Zehut?

Why Zehut? Because it is the party of clear thinking. The only one that can truly mediate between all of the sectors of the Israeli people, while protecting the Jewish and liberal character of the state – without force. The party platform has the best plan for domestic politics, the economy and society. And why me? Because I know how to roll up my sleeves and work. Some say I can’t see the forest for the trees. They may be right – I see much farther than that.

What do you bring with you to Zehut?

As a rabbinical advocate, I have been searching for years for a way to unchain the affinity that ties the state to religious services. I despise niche parties and legislation that attempts to force one person’s path on the other. I am absolutely enchanted by Zehut’s educational plan, which restores control over a child’s education to the parents and honor to the teaching profession. I am convinced that implementation of this plan will vastly improve the students’ achievements in all subjects.

I bring to Zehut my vast experience in nationwide municipal systems and non-profit institutions. I know how to lead initiatives and ideas from the foundation until the implementation and am enthusiastic about embedding – with team work – Zehut’s broad perspective on economy and state. I can accomplish this with a steady hand which, without doubt will connect a diverse public to our platform. I see myself as an agent for change.

What will be your political focus?

I intend to:

Carry out an essential change in how Israel relates to family, with an emphasis on families in crisis. Equality in the economic burden for men and women during divorce. Restoration of the authority to solve conflicts to the families. Israel needs a total revision in everything connected to personal status. I have a well-thought-out approach to this issue.

The dissolution and decentralization of monopolies in religious/state affairs, government companies and transportation.

Focus on re-organization of local government so that we can supply it and communities with more authority – without the danger that this power will be abused.

How will you bring voters to Zehut?

I am multi-faceted and reach out to a diverse public. I see this as an advantage as an agent for Zehut among the general public. And yes, I have absolutely no problem with rolling up my sleeves for some hard work. You can test me on that.

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