A Bit About Me…

My name is Ronit Dror. I am the mother of two sons, a resident of Tel Aviv. I have been a social worker for the past 30 years and have much experience and deep knowledge of varied facets of welfare. Currently, I volunteer as the Chairwoman of the non-profit Letzidchem, the first professional NPO in Israel to help men who have been harmed.

I have a BA in social work, an MA in education and an MSW and Doctorate in social work.

Why Zehut?

All my life I have been dealing with personal development and searching for the answers to existential questions about myself. For the first time, I have discovered a political platform that delves into who and what we are as Jews and Israelis. I connected with Zehut’s essence, to purpose and identity.


What do you bring to Zehut?

I believe that a great part of our social challenge has to do with the gaps and social rifts in our society: Between men and women, observant and non-observant, Arabs and Jews, conservatives and LGBT, and more.

As a person who supports Zehut’s worldview that accepts every person as he is, regardless of his gender, religion, identity and views, I believe that with the knowledge and deep understanding that I have gained from years of social action, I can offer applicable solutions to bridge between people, groups and communities.


What will be your Political Focus?

I think that political and social action in the Knesset and in every public role must first and foremost stem from deep knowledge in the field in which the person is acting. As such, I see my most important contribution in the field of welfare and society.

Furthermore, as a person who loves to learn and research, I know that I will be able to mesh well in any political action that will advance Zehut’s platform and goals in additional fields.


How will you bring voters to Zehut?

By using language that brings people together, while presenting the ideas that express my liberal worldview – the purpose of which is to better all facets of society. In addition, the public needs clear, unequivocal statements on painful social issues. For example: Coercion of radical feminism on men and women in society, which reflects on the status of the father and the entire family.  Or the implications of a faltering education system on the next generations. The collapse of the public health system as it faces the private system. Right and Left. Zehut’s Diplomatic Plan, and more.


Why should we vote for you?

I bring to Zehut and the Israeli public a discourse that has never been spoken here. On the one hand it accepts alternative families, while proudly putting the traditional family at the forefront, and working to strengthen it.