The ZEHUT Party’s Response to the Rockets on Greater Tel Aviv

/The ZEHUT Party’s Response to the Rockets on Greater Tel Aviv

The rocket is not the enemy.

The Hamas, its terrorists and all those who attempt to harm Israel are the enemy and it is they who must be defeated.

Israel’s weak response invites more attempts to harm us. The pursuit-of- quiet policy, while paying protection money to the Hamas, leaves the control over the height and intensity of the flames in the hands of the enemy. This is an unthinkable and unacceptable situation.

Israel’s citizens, wherever they may be, do not have to accept any threat of any kind that endangers their well-being and the well-being of their children, and disrupts their daily routines.

The situation in southern Israel is not an inescapable fate. The situation in the south is the result of the failed policy of the members of Israel’s government.

We understand that ZEHUT’s full solution will be difficult to apply from the position of a coalition partner – even a rightist coalition headed by Netanyahu.

Nonetheless, if the State of Israel is forced to send our soldiers into Gaza, ZEHUT will only support the incursion on the condition that its goal will be clear: Absolute defeat of the Hamas and restoration of the pre-Oslo situation in Gaza.

Absolute defeat – not a half-hearted skirmish.

We do not have extra children to contribute to unnecessary rounds of fighting.

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