Moshe Feiglin on the Latest Yisrael Hayom Poll

/Moshe Feiglin on the Latest Yisrael Hayom Poll

Dear Friends,

Yes, according to this Yisrael Hayom poll, it looks like ZEHUT’s sun is beginning to shine, thank God.
The Nation of Israel pines for a message, for vision, purpose and liberty. Our Nation has ZEHUT.

Who would believe that an Israeli political party would publish a platform of 340 pages, sell it in bookstores and within ten days, it would be first on the bestseller list?

Our Nation is not stupid. It understands who respects it and its liberty. It understands who respects its intelligence and give it the opportunity to make a true choice.
Entering the Knesset with five mandates, however, is not really our goal. The in-depth analysis that we conducted unequivocally shows that ZEHUT’s potential is at least three times that. 

So please, just as you did not despair of the polls, do not get carried away by them. We still have a lot of hard work ahead of us, and we can still expect ups and downs. And time is short.

The Nation of Israel needs a ZEHUT revolution. And ZEHUT needs you in every possible place.
With a sign on your front porch.
With a sticker and flag on your car.
By distributing our platform summary at your workplace, to family and friends.
With the amazing work that you are doing on the internet.
And yes, with donations as well. We do not receive government funding. All that we have is you and all the small donations combine to create a great, illuminating revolution.

I thank each and every one of you, who have stayed with me through all the rainy days, who have been the targets of scorn and aspersion. Now, we turn together toward the sun that is beginning to shine a new path upon us and our Nation.

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