Legalization is the only solution

/Legalization is the only solution

There’s no news on the freezing of the cannabis reform by the High Court (until March 2020).

I sat there in the hearing, and again and again I heard the judges explain that they understand the need for reform – they are just asking to fix the bugs in its implementation.

But the reform isn’t the solution; the reform is part of the problem, and a ruling that doesn’t understand isn’t going to help.

Cannabis isn’t a medicine. It’s a particularly effective health supplement. Which is why it needs to be freed from the grip of charlatans of any kind and moved to the free market.

The only solution for patients is legalization – at least for those who have a permit to use it medically – and to allow patients to decide on their own with whom to consult, with which strain, and how much to useת and where to purchase or grow it.

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