Gilad Alper: Zehut’s economic goals for this term

/Gilad Alper: Zehut’s economic goals for this term

With the upcoming elections approaching, here are the things I pledge to fight for as your Knesset representative (there are minor changes compared to the list from the previous election. Anyone who finds them gets a virtual pat on the back):

Society and Transportation:
• Complete legalization without tricks – making the status of cannabis equal to that of alcohol.
• We will lift all bans on opening businesses on Shabbat.
• We allow privately owned mass transit companies (“public transportation”) to operate, also on Shabbat.
• We will apply a congestion tax that will not raise the general tax burden, but will replace fuel and vehicle taxes.
• Internet broadcasts will be free to all, without the need for fees, supervision or state approval.
• Civil unions.
• Elimination of the Chief Rabbinate’s monopoly on kashrut.

• We will adopt a liberal economic regime along the lines of successful Western countries – Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.
• We will dramatically lower the cost of living by eliminating tariffs and state sponsored monopolies and cartels.
• We will reduce the bureaucratic burden and the ocean of ​​laws and regulations that the Israeli citizen has to deal with at every step.
• We will ban strikes in essential services, and we will enact the “Right to Work” (eliminating the One Third Law of the Histadrut).
• The state budget will stop inflating every year. We will eliminate the deficit and gradually reduce the national debt.
• In the wake of this budgetary restraint, we will also be able to reduce the tax burden.

• The state will allow competition between schools and promote the voucher system in parallel with the existing system.

• We will solve the problem of housing prices by increasing the supply.
• We will sell off land in transparent and fair auctions, on a massive scale not seen since the establishment of the state.
• We will abolish regulations and prohibitions, and simplify the bureaucracy of planning committees that are stifling the real estate market.

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