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Conscience and orders

“I was shocked, when some – however few – of the students in pre-military preparatory programs told me that they would listen to the rabbi and not to the commander” Lieberman, at the Herzliya Conference, sticking to the principle of “hatred is worth seats.” Once, it was hatred of the Arabs, and when the 48 hours passed and Haniyeh liquidated Lieberman, the hatred was directed at an easier enemy, the Haredim. Now, Lieberman is also adding the wearers of knitted skullcaps to the bonfire ... It’s hard to react to Lieberman, [...]

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What makes police behave callously?

The details of the incident that led to the killing of the boy Solomon by a police officer aren't sufficiently clear, and I don't want to commit the sin of populism. But with all due caution – Did you shoot a boy who threw stones at you? Would you do the same with an Arab boy in Samaria? There, IDF soldiers flee for their lives from a barrage of stones that actually endanger their lives, just as long as they don’t open fire on civilians. What brings a police officer to [...]

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Zehut and The New Right

Naftali Bennett is a man of many achievements and merits. The connection between Zehut and the New Right is a true connection that may eventually constitute the core of a new Israeli Republican Party – a coherent combination of nationalism and liberalism, identity and liberty. For me, the root of the dispute is not who will lead, but rather what will lead – my clear vision, or Naftali’s rich political experience. In my opinion, given the directionless Israeli reality, the answer is clear. Moving the question to a quick decision by [...]

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Zehut Youth

Nothing we could say about the meeting of Zehut Youth today would describe what really happened there. In the center of Tel Aviv, a large Zehut assembly opened, decorated with signs, stickers, Zehut shirts, and exciting strengths! Many people stopped by our amazing young people to ask what they were doing, and some even joined in. When we looked at them, we were filled with hope and pride – all infused with vision and hope. True advocates of liberty, full of desire to be part of the change. They met with [...]

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Ehud Barak’s new party of nothing

I listened just now to the dramatic announcement by a retired chief of staff and a retired deputy chief of staff about the establishment of a new party in Israel. Neither of them even made an effort, not even a hint, to say exactly what they were offering – in economics, education, health – not even security... It’s hard not to agree with at least some of their criticism of Netanyahu, but what is he offering, this man who gave Arafat the whole country and brought us war? What is his [...]

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The myth of the “zigzag”

It’s hard to find a more clear and coherent ideology over the years in Israeli politics – certainly not on the right – than Zehut. Is right-wing defined as loyalty to the Land of Israel, or loyalty to Binyamin Netanyahu? Is right-wing an ideology of personality, or an ideology of substance? In the winter of 2019, I suggested that the Israeli public should forget about these definitions and focus instead content. I have published the most detailed platform, which is the most loyal to all parts of our country. And I [...]

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Trump’s deal and the nature of the conflict

“The goal of the Jews in Palestine is to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. The goal of the Arabs in Palestine is to prevent the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine at any cost.” –November 1947, Ernst Bevin (British Foreign Secretary and father of the White Paper) explains the nature of the conflict at the UN. Nothing has changed since Bevin’s thorough explanation. The “Palestinian” self-definition is not a state of their own, but the elimination of our state. The “Palestinians” never demanded a state in Judea, Samaria, and [...]

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Car prices, taxes, and road safety

Post by Zehut Candidate Dr. Rafael Minnes A few hours ago we returned to Israel from a trip to Romania. The first thing that caught my eye in Romania was the number of luxury cars. On the roads of Romania, I saw many more Mercedes, Audis, and BMWs than on the roads of our country. This is especially surprising in light of the fact that Israel is a much richer country than Romania, with a per capita GNP 1.7 times greater than that of Romania. Romania isn't considered a developed country; [...]

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