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Zehut crowdfunding project

Dear Friends, What haven't they said about us, About you really... That we're dreamers, You, actually... That we have no chance of being represented in the Knesset, You, actually... That we badger you with a long platform, You, actually... That we won't last and we'll break, You, actually... But they didn't take into account that we have you. Because thanks to you, we're still here! The only party that for months has run dozens of booths every Friday, With hundreds of audacious activists. The only party that will bring about real [...]

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Simple changes – great results

We want the Finance portfolio so that the young people of Israel can start living here and not just surviving here. Things I spoke about yesterday at the conference in the Tel Aviv Culture Palace. Want it to happen? Take part in the Zehut campaign and donate at the following link: http://bit.ly/Z-22 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41z5D7vrzUE

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Get out of the way!

"The Ministries of Finance and Health will look into how medical cannabis can be exported from Israel." Of course, this is an important message that indicates cracks in the closedmindedness. Cracks through which rays of reason and hope are beginning to shine. There's groundbreaking research and development in Israel. Special strains of medical cannabis are constantly being developed for the purpose of treating various symptoms. All over the world, Israeli development is being sought out, and we could long since have established an agricultural high-tech industry that, besides the relief it [...]

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A stain on Israeli democracy

Even talking about disqualifying citizens from running for Knesset undermines the most fundamental values of democracy. Decisions about possible violations of the law - that's the court's job. Decisions about views and style - that's why we have Election Day. Any mixing of the two empties democracy of all meaning. Disqualifying Michael Ben Ari and discussing disqualifying his friends are an indelible stain on Israeli democracy.       Translation of the news article: Elections 2019 | Direct from the Election Commission: Considering disqualifying Otzma Yehudit from running for Knesset. The [...]

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Our sense of justice stems from the Temple Mount

They've trained us to think of the Temple Mount as the greatest danger to our existence. But the truth is the exact opposite. The Temple Mount is the foundation of our identity and the purpose of our national existence. When we deny that purpose, turning our backs on the sacredness of our places, by prohibiting Jews from praying at the location of the Temple, the object of our longing throughout the generations, we empower our enemy's sense of justice and their certainty of the impermanence of our existence here. This denial [...]

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