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/Election Updates

Suddenly, everyone can go free

It’s time to come together. After some inward consolidation, Zehut is going out to storm the upcoming elections. We’re committed to realizing the message of Zehut, and keeping our promise to the voter. Zehut director Shai Malka described what motivates us. “Zehut’s entrance into the Knesset will preserve the unity of Jerusalem.  Zehut will save lives when it acts to liegalize cannabis and once and for all stops the abuse of the ill.  Zehut will bring hope for a decent life in Israel.  No duress, no war of survival, no servitude, [...]

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A message from Omri Kingsley

Omri Kingsley sent me this video and asked me to publish the text that he wrote: "I've had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people about the party. Each time someone would decide to shower me with the most ridiculous fake news. They called me a druggie, a hater of the disabled, and a racist. To see Moshe Feiglin and the Zehut Party, even though it absorbed more fake news from every party, rise up and, crisis after crisis, sweeps up more supporters and votes was empowering for me. Do [...]

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A person without an apartment is a person without liberty

A person without an apartment is a person without liberty. The ability to acquire an apartment in Israel is becoming increasingly distant, and along with it, our young people are also moving away. The solution isn't lotteries or "economic hocus-focus"... The solution is to eliminate the large land cartel called the Israel Lands Authority. Watch and share. https://youtu.be/Me6yAjy6Tl4

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