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Report that everything is in order, and start working right away!

Report that everything is in order, and start working right away! With Zehut in the government, anyone who wants to start a business will be able to do so without even standing in line - just report that everything is in order, and start working! This is a true revolution. Vote Zehut, with a Machal (Likud) ballot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib6HuNn8Cc4

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This is our land – no “buts” about it.

For years, I've been pushing the prime minister and other ministers to say with their own mouths the simple pair of words that no head of state would hesitate to say: "This is our land." Even if one of our leaders has uttered those words, he's always attached to them, "but"... "This is our land... but also their land..." is tantamount to getting married by saying, "Behold you are consecrated unto me... but also to the neighbor..." Yesterday, after the Prime Minister reiterated the kind of role he plans for me [...]

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A state without identity is a country without an immune system

A state without identity is a country without an immune system. An identity-less state can't explain to itself the validity of civil rights, why it must protect their property, their well-being, and even their lives. In other words, a state without identity is a state run by virtue of mere inertia. It exists because it exists, but ultimately on borrowed time - any challenge or enemy can break it in an instant. One of the most painful and alarming symptoms of the blurring of Israeli identity is the issue of infiltrators, [...]

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A war for survival

Where in Israel is a war for survival taking place? In negotiations with the Likud, we made a conscious decision to focus our efforts on changing policy towards small businesses. We did this despite the fact that small businesses are the least connected, noisy factors in public discourse, and for a simple and obvious reason: they're too busy surviving. How hard is it to be a business in Israel? In the last five years, for every nine businesses that have opened, eight businesses have closed! Think about it. There is no [...]

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“Good men must not obey the laws too well”

צילום: הדס פרוש / פלאש | Photograph: Hadas Parush / Flash "Good men must not obey the laws too well," said Emerson. It turns out that the ugliness of Ayelet Shaked's behavior in the face of the boys' torture in the Duma affair is deeper than we thought. Until now, we were of the opinion that the former justice minister had acted only with horrendous negligence. We thought she hadn't really bothered to investigate the reality and was quick to calm the uproar when she and Bennett were promising [...]

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“Zehut is the big winner of the 2019 elections”

Giving in? Failure? From Zehut Chairman Moshe Feiglin’s point of view, dropping out of the race in favor of an agreement with the Likud is the best way, at the moment, to accomplish his goals. He reveals how far the contacts for running with Bennett had advanced, affirms that the dream of running independantly in the future should not be dismissed, and is not preparing a furious speech for the possibility that Netanyahu doesn’t fulfill the agreement. By Shirit Avitan Cohen Friday in Makor Rishon, 6 Elul 5779 (06/09/2019) Moshe Feiglin [...]

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