Alexander Elman

/Alexander Elman

A Bit About Me…

I was born in the USSR in 1977. In 1993, when I was 15, I made Aliyah to Israel from Latvia in the youth Aliyah program, Na’aleh.

Army service – Giv’ati

After the army I learned photography at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Why Zehut?

I joined Zehut because it is the only political party in Israel that advocates a strong national identity while simultaneously advocating personal liberty and true liberal values.


What do you bring to Zehut?

I joined Zehut and decided to run in the primaries because I understood that I no longer have the right to remain on the sidelines. The minimum that I have to do – is the maximum that I can do to restore Israel’s lost identity and to liberate our economy from the yoke of socialism.  To restore liberty to Israel’s citizens and to rebuild the Nation of Israel under the flag of culture and tradition and not under the flag of coercion and an artificial ‘melting pot’.


What will be your political focus?

I would like to focus on the struggle against the judicial revolution of Israel’s High Court. As I  see it, this is the first, vital stage that must be accomplished in order to succeed with the reforms and strategies that Zehut is proposing.

I think it is very important for citizens to run their own lives. Non-interference of the State in religious and other civil matters. Reduction of government regulation in the economy and civil matters to the minimum. Public relations for Israel inside the country and abroad. It is very important not to allow the Arab lies to dominate. Every falsehood must be replaced by the truth. And after the falsehood has been eliminated, the truth has to be continuously heard – loud and clear – throughout the world.


How will you Attract Voters to Zehut?

I have already registered tens of people to Zehut and I will continue to do so by means of deep knowledge of the Zehut platform, ability to convince people and patience.


Why should we vote for you?

If you vote for me, you will get a strongly ideological  MK who knows how to stand firm. Who doesn’t capitulate to pressure. I will work tirelessly for the Land of Israel, for the citizens of Israel and for the implementation of the plan and reforms that are so vital for our country’s prosperity.

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