Zehut’s Objectives

Zehut is an Israeli-Jewish party that advocates liberty and aspires [...]

The Structure of the Government and its Reduction

A variety of modifications and reforms must be made in [...]

The Social Program

Education The law in the State of Israel explicitly states [...]

Judaism, Culture and State

The State of Israel is a Jewish state. Zehut believes [...]

The Economic Plan

Zehut  advocates a free economy. It is enough to look [...]

Liberty and Internal and External Security

Eliminating Police Violence The police is a necessary body for [...]

Israel’s Security and Diplomatic Plan

Israel's Security Concept Since the Oslo Accords, there has been [...]

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Zehut’s Full Economic Plan

The Economic Plan For the first three decades of Israel’s [...]

התכנית המדינית

The One State Solution: Zehut’s Peace Plan BSD Zehut Background [...]